| 07 Jan 2015 | by jon

As the store manager it is my goal to give our customers the best service possible. Here at Hadinger we work hard to give our customers quality, trendy products that perform. Come check us out for your next flooring project! We look forward to working with you!


| 07 Jan 2015 | by jon

Working at Hadinger Flooring means delivering professional service. Creating an environment that allows our customers to feel welcome and allowing them to express their creativity is key. We look forward to you stopping into Hadinger Flooring.

Kim M

| 11 Dec 2014 | by jon

Quality, function and style with a splash of my customer’s personality are the areas that I focus on when creating a room. I enjoy bringing all of these aspects together and seeing the customer in awe when it comes together.


| 07 Jan 2015 | by jon

The design process should be fun and exciting, not scary and stressful! The foundation to design is asking questions and listening to your customer’s needs, wants and overall vision.


| 07 Jan 2015 | by jon

It is my professional opinion to deliver professional service and sell quality products to my customers. Whether we are working on renovating one room or an entire house it is my goal to stay in budget and deliver the best customer service to all of my clients.